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Subject: RE: Prolonged energisation of Arc Suppression Coils
Importance: High

 At last I have unearthed a reference to the time constrains on ASCís.

 This reference is from a lecture to the institute of electrical engineers November 1960 by A.J. Ruddock.

 Insulation Levels

The question is often raised whether any higher insulation levels are required for cable and switchgear when operating on systems protected by continuously rated arc suppression coils, especially as these may be subject to prolonged operation at line voltage to earth.

 Both the electricity boards specification for cable and the B.S.S. for switchgear adopt a common outlook, and standard equipment can be used for either of the following working conditions:- 

  1. The fault is automatically disconnected from the system after a short delay (original practice in the Thameside area).
  1. When non-automatic disconnection is used faults are quickly cleared although they may be allowed to persist for several hours, provided the total duration does not exceed 125 hours per annum with a maximum of 8 hours in any 24.

It will thus be appreciated that adequate operational facilities are offered for coli working in modern systems. Further, in the older systems where coils are to be introduced the insulation levels can usually be regarded as being if anything more generous than those provided in present day specifications.

 The above would indicate that any time constraint on the operation of the ASC is for reasons of insulation stress and not the ability of the coil to sustain the load current.