St Mary the Virgin Church, Bramford

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St Mary the Virgin Church, Bramford;      St Mary's, Little Blakenham;
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St Mary the Virgin, Bramford

 Photograph by

Ken Tew

St Mary's, Little Blakenham;

St Mary's, Nettlestead

St Peter's Baylham

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Baptism and Confirmation



Who's Who   


Rev Jenny Seggar

Lay Elders

Mrs J Read

Mrs F Tew


Bramford: Bramford currently doesn’t have a Church Warden

Little Blakenham: Mr S Wright

Nettlestead: Mrs J McCarthy

Baylham: Miss H Ritchie

If you wish to contact the Church Wardens, their phone numbers are on the Church Wardens' page


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Tel 01473 747819

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Saturday Morning Coffee

5 o'clock Service

4th Sunday Family Service

July Message from Rev. Jenny

June Message from Rev. Jenny


New Phone Number for Rev. Jenny

Rev. Jenny has a new phone number:

01473 747819


5 o’clock Service

The next 5oClock service will be on Sunday 14th July.  

If you haven't started coming to this service it's designed for children aged 5 to 8 years old, and their parents.  We start at 5 o'clock (normally) on the second Sunday of each month*.

Linked with the 5 o'clock Service is our new 4th Sunday Family Service at 10:00.  (See below)

Each service includes fun, songs, a story and exciting crafts to support the theme. 

*except November when we meet on the third Sunday, and & August when we don’t meet at all.

If you would like a reminder of when the next one will be, please give Ken your mobile phone number.


Saturday Morning Coffee

The next Coffee morning will be on Saturday 29th June.  There'll be Sausages in rolls, and Bacon Baps to eat, and the chance to buy a wonderful cake for tea.


New 4th Sunday Family Service

Our 4th Sunday Family Service this month will be on Sunday 23rd June. 



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Parish Magazine

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April 2019 >>>

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Friends of Bramford Church

We have an active Friends of Bramford Church group.  There are more details here >>>.

Vicars of Bramford Church

The first vicar of Bramford was Galfdr, de Horewode, in 1199.  There is a list of all of our vicars here >>>.

July Message

Dear Friends

I am sure that many of you will have heard by now that I have been appointed to the parishes of Holbrook, Stutton, Wherstead, Freston and Woolverstone and will be leaving here at the beginning of September.  I will have been here a little over 8 years, a good length of time for a first post, and have learnt a great deal from you all.

As I write it is the beginning of June, so this has only just been announced, but I hope that we will have the chance to celebrate together before I go, and am planning a party – please keep your eyes open for dates and times.  We will try to make sure that as many of you find out as possible.

Just a few useless statistics, during that time I have done over 200 funerals, around 60 weddings, and around 80 baptisms, I have taken nearly 900 church services, not including funerals weddings and baptisms, and written the sermons to go with them, as well as school assemblies and more meetings than are strictly necessary.

It has been a real joy getting to know the different communities, and travelling with you over this time and my prayers will be with you as you start to look for someone to come and minister alongside you.  This is not a particularly quick process, and there are some legalities to go through so I would ask you to be patient with the churches, I know that they would appreciate any support you can give them during this time, including attending services and fund-raising events.

I look forward to seeing you before I leave, and will be letting you all know the dates of my final service here and licensing in the new parishes.

Blessings to you all.

Revd. Jenny Seggar

June Message

Dear Friends

I cannot believe that we are pretty much half way through the year.  It is going incredibly quickly.  Look out for the publicity for the usual fund-raising events, we really need your support!  Each parish has something else happening, so please go and support other parishes, it is a chance to get to know our neighbours.

I hope that by the time you read this we will have become a legal benefice (that is a group of parishes working legally together)  this should make our lives much easier, and allow us to solve some of the problems we have by sharing practice and looking at new ways of working together.  We have hit a time when the idea of the ‘parish’ is becoming more difficult to staff and run, and it is only by working as a team that we will be able to survive in these difficult times, sharing our spiritual gifts, and skills and maybe even personnel!

This idea may not be easy, but I am sure you have noticed that your church wardens and PCC are stretched, and in some cases overworked.  We really need to blur the boundaries, sharing jobs and may be even looking at sharing PCCs and church wardens.

This is much fore faithful to the ideas shared by the early church, who were small, and often persecuted, but managed to worship and meet together praising God and exploring their faith.  That is after all what we are here for.

I look forward to seeing you at some of our social events over the course of the Summer.

Blessings to you all.

Revd. Jenny Seggar





How to find us    


St Mary the Virgin, Bramford

Church Green,





Car Parking: There is a car park

alongside the Village Hall.


Click Here to view a map


St Mary's, Little Blakenham

Valley Road

Little Blakenham




Car Parking: Look for other

cars parked in the field

opposite the church.


Click Here to view a map


St Mary's, Nettlestead

Hall Lane





Car Parking: Take care when

parking on the verge

between the road and the

Church.  Cars have become

stuck here before.


Click Here to view a map


St Peter's, Baylham

Church Lane
Car Parking: Coming from 
the B1113, take the right 
turn, signposted to the 
church.  Use the car park 
on the right, before you 
get to the church on the left.


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 St Mary the Virgin is an Anglican (Church of England) church in Bramford, near Ipswich, Suffolk.