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St Mary the Virgin Church, Bramford;      St Mary's, Little Blakenham;
St Mary's, Nettlestead, and                        St Peter's, Baylham

Rev. Jenny is currently on sabbatical

If you need to talk to someone, please contact the Church Wardens.  Their contact details are on the Church Wardens' page.

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St Mary the Virgin, Bramford

 Photograph by

Ken Tew

St Mary's, Little Blakenham;

St Mary's, Nettlestead

St Peter's Baylham

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Baptism and Confirmation



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Rev Jenny Seggar

Lay Elders

Mrs J Read

Mrs F Tew


Bramford: Mr S McGinty

Little Blakenham: Mr S Wright

Nettlestead: Mrs J McCarthy

Baylham: Miss H Ritchie

If you wish to contact the Church Wardens, their phone numbers are on the Church Wardens' page


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Tel 01473 747819

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Saturday Morning Coffee

5 o'clock Service

4th Sunday Family Service

February Message from Rev. Jenny

January Message from Rev. Jenny


New Phone Number for Rev. Jenny

Rev. Jenny has a new phone number:

01473 747819


5 o’clock Service

The next 5oClock service will be on Sunday 10th February.  

If you haven't started coming to this service it's designed for children aged 5 to 8 years old, and their parents.  We start at 5 o'clock (normally) on the second Sunday of each month*.

Linked with the 5 o'clock Service is our new 4th Sunday Family Service at 10:00.  (See below)

Each service includes fun, songs, a story and exciting crafts to support the theme. 

*except November when we meet on the third Sunday, and & August when we don’t meet at all.

If you would like a reminder of when the next one will be, please give Ken your mobile phone number.


Saturday Morning Coffee

The next Coffee morning will be on Saturday 26th January.  There'll be Sausages in rolls, and Bacon Baps to eat, and the chance to buy a wonderful cake for tea.


New 4th Sunday Family Service

Our 4th Sunday Family Service this month will be on Sunday 27th January and will be a Christingle Service in the Church. 



Recorded Sermons

You can find our recorded sermons here >>>.

Friends of Bramford Church

We have an active Friends of Bramford Church group.  There are more details here >>>.

Vicars of Bramford Church

The first vicar of Bramford was Galfdr, de Horewode, in 1199.  There is a list of all of our vicars here >>>.

February Message from Rev Jenny

Dear Friends

By the time this is published I will be on Extended Study leave.  I will be back in harness just before Easter.  In the mean-time we have a great team of visiting clergy taking services across the parishes, including our New Cathedral Dean, the Archdeacon and several old and new friends.  Queries about funerals will be handled by Revd Diane Williams our Rural Dean (Tel: 01449 720316), and the church wardens will handle general church enquiries.

This is not just time off but is a unique opportunity for me to undertake some academic study on something outside the normal sphere of parish concerns.  I have always had a passionate interest in History, and will be looking at our wonderful Suffolk Born Anglo Saxon Saints, especially those connected to the Sutton Hoo royal family.  The Girls in particular had a huge influence on the religious life of our country at the time, and their influence is still felt.  One of them, St Ethledreda actually figures in the Bramford East Window, she was the foundress of Ely Abbey and I have been a huge fan of hers for many years. Finding her in our window was a delight, and heavily influenced what I chose to look at while away.  I am hoping that we can gain some clues from our Anglo Saxon Forbears about how we can capture the excitement that they so obviously felt in their faith.

Watch this space!  At the very least I should have some interesting talks to give the History Group and Network over the next little while!

In the mean-time, the vicarage will be occupied and I will still be seen around the village periodically, although I will spend some time on retreat, birdwatching, and spending time in Orkney, a favourite place of mine, catching up with friends and exploring that fascinating and ancient place.

Blessings to you all.

Revd. Jenny Seggar

The Vicarage,

Vicarage Lane,


Safeguarding Officer

Mr John Chenery

Tel: 01473 742797


January Message from Rev Jenny

I hope you have managed to have a good Christmas, as I write it is the beginning of December, and we have just had a wonderful Christmas Bazaar and Wreath exhibition in the church.  It really helped to get us into the Christmas Spirit, and as always we saw many of you on the afternoon of the bazaar.  I would like to thank all of those who organised it, and who made the wonderful wreaths which adorned the church, it was amazing how inventive everybody was, we had wreathes made out of everything from recycled plastic bags to wool! 

As we start a new year I am taking 12 weeks study leave and so will be back just before Easter.  While I am away services will continue, and we will still be able to help out with funerals, weddings and Baptisms.  Any enquiries about these services will need to be made to Revd Diane Williams our rural dean (Tel: 01449 720316), for general church enquiries you can continue to contact the Church Wardens in our four parishes who will point you in the right direction.

The family will still be staying at the vicarage, but I will be away for quite a proportion of the time for a mixture of retreat and holiday.  I hope to come back refreshed and renewed, with some new ideas!  So be warned!!

In the mean-time, keep a close eye on ‘In Touch’ not only for service schedules, but also for details of the Lent course.


Blessings to you all.

Revd. Jenny Seggar

The Vicarage, Vicarage Lane, Bramford

Tel: 747819


Safeguarding Officer

Mr John Chenery

Tel: 742797





How to find us    


St Mary the Virgin, Bramford

Church Green,





Car Parking: There is a car park

alongside the Village Hall.


Click Here to view a map


St Mary's, Little Blakenham

Valley Road

Little Blakenham




Car Parking: Look for other

cars parked in the field

opposite the church.


Click Here to view a map


St Mary's, Nettlestead

Hall Lane





Car Parking: Take care when

parking on the verge

between the road and the

Church.  Cars have become

stuck here before.


Click Here to view a map


St Peter's, Baylham

Church Lane
Car Parking: Coming from 
the B1113, take the right 
turn, signposted to the 
church.  Use the car park 
on the right, before you 
get to the church on the left.


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 St Mary the Virgin is an Anglican (Church of England) church in Bramford, near Ipswich, Suffolk.