St Mary the Virgin Church, Bramford

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St Mary the Virgin Church, Bramford;      St Mary's, Little Blakenham;
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St Mary the Virgin, Bramford

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Ken Tew

St Mary's, Little Blakenham;

St Mary's, Nettlestead

St Peter's Baylham

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Special Services for you

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Baptism and Confirmation



Who's Who   


Rev Jenny Seggar

Lay Elders

Mrs J Read

Mrs F Tew


Bramford: Mr S McGinty

Little Blakenham: Mr S Wright

Nettlestead: Mrs J McCarthy

Baylham: Miss H Ritchie

If you wish to contact the Church Wardens, their phone numbers are on the Church Wardens' page


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Tel 01473 748914

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Hot News

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Village Fun Day

Saturday Morning Coffee

5 o'clock Service

4th Sunday Family Service

July Message from Rev. Jenny

June Message from Rev. Jenny

Nettlestead Flower Festival


Village Fun Day

The Village Fun Day will be on Saturday 7th July.

Can you HELP us on the day?

Either to set up.  

Or to man stalls etc.

Or to clear away

If you can help, please contact either Caroline, or Stewart on 01473 462231


5 o’clock Service

The next 5oClock service will be on Sunday 8th July.  This will be the last one this Summer.  We'll restart again on Sunday 9th September.    

If you haven't started coming to this service it's designed for children aged 5 to 8 years old, and their parents.  We start at 5 o'clock (normally) on the second Sunday of each month*.

Linked with the 5 o'clock Service is our new 4th Sunday Family Service at 10:00.  (See below)

Each service includes fun, songs, a story and exciting crafts to support the theme. 

*except November when we meet on the third Sunday, and & August when we don’t meet at all.

If you would like a reminder of when the next one will be, please give Ken your mobile phone number.


Saturday Morning Coffee

The next Coffee morning will be on Saturday 23rd June.  We'll be cooking Bacon Rolls!


New 4th Sunday Family Service

Our 4th Sunday Family Service this month will be on Sunday 24th June and will be in the Church Room.  The July 4th Sunday Service will be on Sunday 22nd July.

Our new 10:00am Family Service is for children, their parents, and other friends and includes songs, a story and activities.


Nettlestead Flower Festival

Nettlestead Church are planning a 'Bell Themed Flower Festival, on the theme, "BELL‑isima".  This will be on the 4th and 5th of August, and is in aid of the repairs to the church roof.  The poster is here >>>.  You can find the church here >>>.


Recorded Sermons

You can find our recorded sermons here >>>.

Friends of Bramford Church

We have an active Friends of Bramford Church group.  There are more details here >>>.

Vicars of Bramford Church

The first vicar of Bramford was Galfdr, de Horewode, in 1199.  There is a list of all of our vicars here >>>.

July Message from Rev Jenny

Dear Friends

As I write this at the beginning of June, my mind is turning to parish finance.  I have just attended a deanery synod meeting with a run down of who has paid what so far to the Diocese.  We fought hard for a reduced share last year which we received, and it feels as if we are nicely on track to meet our targets, thank you all so much for your hard work – we must not relax, as the money we give is vital to the running of the diocese. 

It feels as if this money disappears into some kind of whirling black hole, but in fact every penny we raise is used very wisely.  The Diocesan Office deals with our buildings, mission and ministry support, legal matters (of which there are many), communications and a raft of other things all of which are extremely necessary and support our work here in the parishes.

I do feel sometimes as if this is much of my focus and was mulling over just what the finance of the church has to do with our basic work of spreading the gospel.  Unfortunately, Ministry costs, even Jesus had a small group of people (interestingly mostly independent women) helping to finance his ministry – after all, the disciples had to eat!

Everything we do in ministry costs someone something, our hospitality, our buildings, our ministers, craft activities for our children, safeguarding, weddings, funerals and baptisms, our wonderful 5.00 service, … … … honestly, the list is endless – this is not a whinge, it is fact, just as our homes cost to run.  The money comes from those of you who attend church, and our fundraising activities.  So, even though it feels thankless, we could not spread the gospel, or tell our stories, if we did not have money coming in.

One of the hardest things I have to do is ask all of you to look at what you give, many of us do not review our giving year to year, and of course, our costs have risen with inflation.  We will all need to review this and adjust our giving if the church is to continue to flourish.

Revd. Jenny Seggar



June Message from Rev Jenny

Dear Friends

As from a couple of weeks ago, I have served as Priest in charge, here in these parishes for 7 years.  Although I was not the first female Priest in Charge in Nettlestead, Little Blakenham and Baylham, I was in Bramford.  The first parish priest recorded on the board of past Vicars was a gentleman named Galfdr de Horewode, who was licensed on 5th November 1299.  Believe it or not I am number 49! (according to those records)

I am daily reminded of this when I go into the vestry and see pictures of my predecessors – some of whom look quite disapproving!  It is a great prompt to remember that we are part of a long and important heritage, a stream of praise and prayer, well over 700 years in that building, and at least 900 in the village (we are mentioned in the Dooms Day Book)!

The sad thing is that we do not know who built our wonderful building, or exactly what the original saxon church looked like, and we can be certain that we would not have recognised the services they used, or even the English that they spoke, but the basic ideas of the faith were just the same then as they are today.

It is very tempting for us to see ourselves and our church in isolation, and forget that we are part of something much bigger and older.  We have brothers and sisters of all denominations spread across the world and are part of an ancient church with ‘branches’ potentially in every community in this country.

We just need to have the confidence to let people know what we are about and what we do.  It is time we stopped being diffident about who we are, yes of course our faith is personal, but if we do not tell others who we are and what we do, it should come as no surprise that our churches are empty.

If you are curious, come and see who we are and what we do, we have a variety of services to suit young and old, everybody is welcome.

Revd. Jenny Seggar




How to find us    


St Mary the Virgin, Bramford

Church Green,





Car Parking: There is a car park

alongside the Village Hall.


Click Here to view a map


St Mary's, Little Blakenham

Valley Road

Little Blakenham




Car Parking: Look for other

cars parked in the field

opposite the church.


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St Mary's, Nettlestead

Hall Lane





Car Parking: Take care when

parking on the verge

between the road and the

Church.  Cars have become

stuck here before.


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St Peter's, Baylham

Church Lane
Car Parking: Coming from 
the B1113, take the right 
turn, signposted to the 
church.  Use the car park 
on the right, before you 
get to the church on the left.


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 St Mary the Virgin is an Anglican (Church of England) church in Bramford, near Ipswich, Suffolk.