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St Mary the Virgin Church, Bramford;      St Mary's, Little Blakenham;
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New Phone Number for Rev. Jenny

Rev. Jenny has a new phone number:

01473 747819

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St Mary the Virgin, Bramford

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Ken Tew

St Mary's, Little Blakenham;

St Mary's, Nettlestead

St Peter's Baylham

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Baptism and Confirmation



Who's Who   


Rev Jenny Seggar

Lay Elders

Mrs J Read

Mrs F Tew


Bramford: Mr S McGinty

Little Blakenham: Mr S Wright

Nettlestead: Mrs J McCarthy

Baylham: Miss H Ritchie

If you wish to contact the Church Wardens, their phone numbers are on the Church Wardens' page


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You can phone us on:

Tel 01473 747819

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New 'Learning Together' Group

New Sound System for St Mary's

New Phone Number for Rev. Jenny

Saturday Morning Coffee

5 o'clock Service

4th Sunday Family Service

October Message from Rev. Jenny

September Message from Rev. Jenny


New 'Learning Together' Group

We're starting a new group which will meet about once every two weeks, to learn what our faith teaches, and to share our experiences.  Up until Christmas, we’ll be looking at The Basics.

If you're interested in coming, please let Jenny know.  Her new phone number is at the top of this page.

The schedule of dates for October is:

        Tuesday 2nd October

        Thursday 18th October

        Tuesday 30th October


New Sound System for St Mary's

By the time you read this we should have a new sound system in the Church which will be the culmination of several years fundraising. So, thanks to all who ran events to this end and especially to all who donated, such as Barry Earthy who raised a lot of money by selling plants for this from his front garden. Val Mather and her team who ran the monthly coffee mornings. These acts of kindness have made a huge difference for everyone’s benefit, enabling us to install the system earlier than expected. 


New Phone Number for Rev. Jenny

Rev. Jenny has a new phone number:

01473 747819


5 o’clock Service

The next 5oClock service will be on Sunday 9th September.  

If you haven't started coming to this service it's designed for children aged 5 to 8 years old, and their parents.  We start at 5 o'clock (normally) on the second Sunday of each month*.

Linked with the 5 o'clock Service is our new 4th Sunday Family Service at 10:00.  (See below)

Each service includes fun, songs, a story and exciting crafts to support the theme. 

*except November when we meet on the third Sunday, and & August when we don’t meet at all.

If you would like a reminder of when the next one will be, please give Ken your mobile phone number.


Saturday Morning Coffee

The next Coffee morning will be on Saturday 27th October.  We'll be cooking Bacon Rolls!


New 4th Sunday Family Service

Our 4th Sunday Family Service this month will be on Sunday 24th June and will be in the Church Room.  The July 4th Sunday Service will be on Sunday 23rd September.

Our new 10:00am Family Service is for children, their parents, and other friends and includes songs, a story and activities.



Recorded Sermons

You can find our recorded sermons here >>>.

Friends of Bramford Church

We have an active Friends of Bramford Church group.  There are more details here >>>.

Vicars of Bramford Church

The first vicar of Bramford was Galfdr, de Horewode, in 1199.  There is a list of all of our vicars here >>>.

October Message from Rev Jenny

The work of the parish priest is wide and varied, and I have dealt with some really interesting things since I came into the parish, some of the more interesting in the course of this summer have included Sheep in Bramford church yard, and an odd legal query about some ex glebe land (land which was once owned by the church).  One of the most fascinating things I deal with on a regular basis, is healing ministry.

This is probably the least understood part of our ministry, which has only really become truly mainstream over the last 30 years or so, although it has always been offered in one way or another. In Christian terms healing is not about medical cure, and it is not substitute for modern medicine.  It is about helping the whole person, often in difficult circumstances. It always involves prayer of some kind, it may involve the laying-on of hands in prayer and blessing, and occasionally can involve anointing with Holy Oil. 

Healing prayer has been a part of our joint ministry with the Methodist church for a long time. and we have taken part in a service of prayer and healing once a month on a Wednesday evening for many years, often praying for the same people.  Often, we simply pray through the list of folk who have asked for prayer, sometimes when needed we pray with people when they seek us out. 

So, if we are no trying to cure people what are we actually doing?

Healing prayer brings us closer to God’s love and grace, and allows that love and grace to work in our lives.  We hope that through this God will act in people’s lives, giving them strength, courage, recovery in body and mind and peace. 

If you would like to find out more, please do not hesitate to give me a ring, or drop me an email, the services at the Methodist church are open to all, we would also be happy to add anyone to the prayer list.

Revd. Jenny Seggar

The Vicarage, Vicarage Lane, Bramford.


September Message from Rev Jenny

Dear Friends

It has been a wonderful summer, if you happen to like hot weather, and plenty of sunshine, I must admit that it has been a little over hot for me, and the challenge at the vicarage has been keeping cool and not allowing the house to become too airless – with the issues we have had with burglaries in the village, and a new vicarage cat who had to keep in during the better weather, this has been quite a challenge!

On the up side, it has meant that we have had some wonderful church events this year, a fascinating Heritage Day at Baylham, fete and dog show at Little Blakenham, the village fun day at Bramford, and last but not least, the bell themed flower festival at Nettelstead.  All of them were well supported by their communities, and we were able to catch up with many of you.

During September we have the Ride and Stride (used to be the church cycle ride), which is a great opportunity to go and have a proper look at some of our gems of churches, especially those which would normally be kept locked.

Now, we start to look towards Autumn, and the events leading up to Christmas.  Keep an eye out for your parish harvest celebration towards the end of September, Remembrance Services in November, and of course, the various festivals which are happening towards the end of November.                   

At Bramford in particular, we are holding a Christmas Wreath festival, and the usual bazaar on the same day – there will be more information about this, but as well as selling our usual wreaths, we are hoping to display wreaths made out of all sorts of inventive things – I am plotting one made out of tea bags which I will call ‘More Tea Vicar!’ – see what you can come up with! (the more the merrier!)

If you would like to find out more about the wreath festival, or any of our events, do not hesitate to get in touch, you can call or email me.  I look forward to seeing your wreaths displayed in the church!

Revd. Jenny Seggar






How to find us    


St Mary the Virgin, Bramford

Church Green,





Car Parking: There is a car park

alongside the Village Hall.


Click Here to view a map


St Mary's, Little Blakenham

Valley Road

Little Blakenham




Car Parking: Look for other

cars parked in the field

opposite the church.


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St Mary's, Nettlestead

Hall Lane





Car Parking: Take care when

parking on the verge

between the road and the

Church.  Cars have become

stuck here before.


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St Peter's, Baylham

Church Lane
Car Parking: Coming from 
the B1113, take the right 
turn, signposted to the 
church.  Use the car park 
on the right, before you 
get to the church on the left.


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 St Mary the Virgin is an Anglican (Church of England) church in Bramford, near Ipswich, Suffolk.